Roman Petrov (36 y.o.)

Professional software developer and team leader.

Graduated with Honors from Mari State Technical University in 2004.

Languages: Russian (first language), English (upper intermediate, fluent speaker)

As a programmer

I started programming when I was 6. Over the years I’ve worked with different platforms, technologies and programming languages. I love clean and testable code.

  • Current interests and specializations:
    • iOS native app development (Swift)
    • Web development (ReactJS)
    • Game development (Defold Engine)
    • Audio processing and sound synthesis
  • Current programming languages:
    • Swift, Lua, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, C

Notable projects:

  • Real-time polyphonic pitch detection and performance evaluation module for a guitar training app Guitarability
  • BattleBots for Gameboy Advance — fitting 8MB game in a 4MB cart (created compression utilities)
  • Audio engine for Gameboy Advance (C, ARM Assembler)

As a manager

I have over 8 years of experience in managing developers. I worked as a project manager, a team leader, and a CTO. Did code reviews, created coding standards, taught new developers, communicated with clients and managed projects.

Past workplaces

  • Since 2016: GXB Development. Team leader, project manager, developer (JavaScript, Kotlin, Lua, Swift, PostgreSQL)
  • 2012—2016: Omega-R. CTO, iOS developer, project manager (Objective-C, Swift)
  • 2010—2011: DIGT. Web browser plugins and extensions developer (JavaScript, C++)
  • 2007—2010: Team Force LLC. Web and mobile app developer (PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL)
  • 2007: Foros InfoTravel. Developed Custom CRM for travel business (Perl, JavaScript)
  • 2006—2007: Freelance web developer. PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
  • 2003—2004: Freelance game developer, J2ME and GBA platforms (Java, C, C++, ARM Assembler)
  • 2002: Pilot Group RUS Ltd. Software developer (С++, ASP, MS SQL)